Author: Neil Tkatchuk

Athlete Success Story: Brennan Riddle

“I was recommended to come to Trench Fitness from the high praise of former clients that enjoyed working with Trench and saw great results. Before starting at Trench, I had always been told that I need to get bigger and gain more weight. They said that I need to be eating lots and reach as many calories as possible. That is what I tried to do in the past, but it never seemed to help me. It wasn’t until Neil set out his plan for my nutrition and training program that I realized I had to focus on the...

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2016 Trench Fitness Open – Team Trench Montage

On July 23rd, 2016 we had the opportunity to host our first sanctioned Powerlifting meet. We are grateful for the opportunity from the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association ( to help grow the sport and showcase it in our facility. We had a total of 39 athletes competing across all weight and age categories. The event ran extremely well due to the huge amount of volunteer support we had. A huge thanks goes out to Silverscreen and Body Fuel Organics for their generous donations. Our gym had many first time lifters competing at this meet so we put together a montage...

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