To book a Personal Training Session, follow these steps to either TO BOOK ONE SESSION or TO BOOK MULTIPLE SESSIONS as listed below:

  •  Note:  Do NOT book a session without talking with your Personal Trainer.  If he/she has given you the OK to book a session or group of sessions on your own then and only then follow these steps.

To Book One Session


1. Press the PERSONAL TRAINING tab then select the type of training you want to book.



2.  Select the trainer from the Instruction dropdown box

3.  In order to narrow down the date and times select the days day of week and time range you want to book then press SEARCH


4.  Choose a specific time by clicking the BOOK link beside the date/time you want to book


5.  You will be presented with a confirmation screen.  If everything is ok, press BOOK APPOINTMENT


6.  Your appointment will now be placed on your schedule


To Book Multiple Training Sessions

This procedure is handy to book in all of your dates/times all at once after you have purchased a package.


1. Follow steps 1-4 outlined above.  Choose the first date/time you want to book during the steps.


2. Press the Book Recurring Appointments button


3.  Select the day of week you want this to repeat as well as “Make this Appointment every 1 Weeks” if you want this to happen every week


4.  Select an end date for this sequence to end.  Note the number of sessions that you have listed above the Select Days area and the number of Appointments in the sequence.  In this example we have 10 sessions purchased and we are scheduling 10 sessions.

5.  Press the MAKE APPOINTMENT button.


6.  The multiple appointments will now appear on your schedule.