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“In the last few years I have been back and forth with fitness. Gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight. I’m no stranger to the gym and athletics, and as an RN I have a pretty good grasp of human physiology and metabolism. Essentially I’ve always understood what was needed to create a fit human body, I just didn’t carry out the actions, at least not consistently. I just really wanted to be in good shape and feel good, and yes have a beach body that I felt confident in! What was missing was structure and accountability.  After doing some...

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I cannot thank Neil and Erika enough for the guidance and support you both have gave me me through out this journey. In total over the 16 months we have been working together I have lost a total of around 51 lbs and close to 100 from 7 years ago. The entire process was both mentally and physically challenging and taught me a lot of who I am as a person and that goals can be achieved. Were there days I didn’t want to go to the gym or do cardio and did I miss the summer bbq and...

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“I was recommended to come to Trench Fitness from the high praise of former clients that enjoyed working with Trench and saw great results. Before starting at Trench, I had always been told that I need to get bigger and gain more weight. They said that I need to be eating lots and reach as many calories as possible. That is what I tried to do in the past, but it never seemed to help me. It wasn’t until Neil set out his plan for my nutrition and training program that I realized I had to focus on the...

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“I’ve known Neil through strength athletics for a few years – so I knew he was the guy to get me back on track. I started up my own family business and left the gym for almost two years. I spent 3 months getting back into the swing of things after nagging injuries and imbalances in my body started affecting work and then contacted Neil to take me to the next level. At 36 years old, getting back into the swing of things and making gains was going to be a challenge….but it was made a lot easier with...

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  “When I first started up with Trench, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It took some time to adjust to the process and tracking food.  Once I did it became part of my regular routine. I was never particularly active or athletic but over the past year my lifestyle has changed drastically.  I can safely say, at the age of 30 years old, I am in the best shape of my life. The progress comes slowly but you can begin to see small changes in body composition week by week. A lot of people think the key to...

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