Contestant Name: Samantha Maciag
Before Weight: 276lbs
After Weight: 240.4lbs
Before Waist Measurement: 51”
After Waist Measurement: 51”


“When I signed up for this Transformation Challenge, I was hoping that the competition aspect of it would boost my motivation and inspiration because the weight wasn’t falling off the way it had when I first started nutrition counselling and workouts at Trench more than a year ago.
It was never about winning and it still isn’t. The biggest gift that I gave myself through this challenge was knowledge and teaching myself to listen to my body. At about week 9 I started having some pretty serious migraines. A little investigating and I learned that my skeletal system was messed up. Twisted pelvis, a whole lot of ribs out of place, the list went on. But, I stayed consistent with the nutrition, Neil adjusted my workouts and I continued on. The last week of the challenge, my immune system crashed. My first cold in more than a year. While I may not have been sneezing all over the gym, I did continue hitting my macros. The weight, still coming off.

trench-fitness-built-in-trench-challenge-1-sam-bThere are days that it’s difficult — you aren’t hungry or you are absolutely starving. But then you see the results. It really is a science. I can’t even count how many times I’ve told people I just trust Neil and Erika to figure out the science and I just do the work. It has been worth every penny.

Life is never going to be perfect. There will be family issues, work issues, or in my case, health issues. But when you’ve made the commitment and the lifestyle really is all you now know, it becomes second nature. You keep going and you see physical results: stronger muscles, a leaner body. But it’s not just about how you look. The gym is now my workout and social space. I research and read about health and fitness instead of just news, politics and entertainment. I experiment in the kitchen and share recipes. I’ve become passionate about life and living it the best I can.

From my heaviest to today, I am 120lbs lighter. I can tell you I am happier than I’ve been in a decade. I know who I am and what I’m made of and how far I want to push this: 60 pounds to my goal weight. And let’s be real, if I can do this, anyone can.”