Lucas King

Lucas King first began lifting weights in high school to get in shape for track & field, but quickly realized that lifting was WAY more fun than distance running. A few months later he was introduced to Weightlifting (or Olympic Weightlifting), and he was instantly hooked.  He competed for his first time on January 1, 2010, and has competed almost 40 times since then. He has competed at Junior Nationals in 2011, 2012, & 2013. He has also been a part of Team Saskatchewan, competing at Western Canadians 5 times since 2011. Over the years he has competed a number of times in CrossFit, competing at the West Regionals on a team in 2015, as well as in Powerlifting, where he has previously qualified for nationals and held Sub-Junior Provincial and National records.

Currently, Lucas is in the final semester of his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, and hopes to continue on into a professional program in the near future.  He has been coaching & training others in Weightlifting and CrossFit since 2009 when he first started.  Lucas’ primary focus at Trench Fitness is working with clients interested in weightlifting, but due to his diverse background is able to train clients in a number of different strength sports. In December 2017, Lucas was elected to the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Weightlifting Association for his second term.  He is also serving as the Manager for Team Regina for Weightlifting at the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games.