“I was recommended to come to Trench Fitness from the high praise of former clients that enjoyed working with Trench and saw great results. Before starting at Trench, I had always been told that I need to get bigger and gain more weight. They said that I need to be eating lots and reach as many calories as possible. That is what I tried to do in the past, but it never seemed to help me.

It wasn’t until Neil set out his plan for my nutrition and training program that I realized I had to focus on the exact amounts of each macronutrients that I was eating. Slowly I began to realize some of the mistakes I had been making before in my food choices. I was over eating in fats, under eating in proteins and carbohydrates. On top of all that I was focusing too much on the cardio side of things and was losing gains on a muscular level. With Neil’s help we dialled in my food goals and training and began to see great results!

trench-transformation-2016-brennan2My weight slowly gained throughout my program until I had added 13 pounds to my frame without putting on any extra fat. My strength in the gym increased in all my lifts that I was performing. If I had questions about anything going on in the gym Neil would fill me in on how to correct things even doing video taping of my exercises so he could help me get the best form I could to help me get stronger. Week by week we got better results, getting myself to quite a few personal bests in the gym including squat and deadlift. One of the most important things that I took out my experience with Trench was that I learned lots about how my body processes different foods and in what quantities. This will help me in the future big time to keep the results that I have now and keep moving forward.

I would highly recommend joining a Trench Fitness program to anyone including athletes or anyone who wants to improve their fitness.”

– Brennan Riddle
Hockey player, Lethbridge Hurricanes