trench-transform-alex2Similar to many others with New Year’s resolutions, I decided there was no better time to pay closer attention to my health.  More specifically, my goal was to reduce my body fat and tone up while maintaining my lean muscle mass.  For years I had been working out with little to no results and I decided Trench Fitness would be a great way to change that.

I started the 12-week nutrition and training program with Neil in January and began seeing steady changes very quickly.  My first milestone was to regulate my carb, fat and protein intake and focus on getting the prescribed cardio sessions in.  Week 1 was especially tough – just getting used to weighing everything I ate, tracking the numbers and double-checking nutrition labels.  Neil encouraged me when I needed it and within the first 2 weeks I had more energy and had dropped more pounds than I had expected.  Neil continued to modify the program to fit my needs throughout, and I started to gain more size and definition.

trench-transform-alex3I pushed myself every week at the gym and kept tracking my numbers and each week I continued to see results as my weight – and more particularly body fat – decreased.   Although it was sometimes difficult to regulate my numbers every day I never really had to give up the foods I enjoy – I just put more thought into how my meals were structured.

The final piece of the puzzle was supplementation which really helped to meet my required protein each day and push myself at the gym.  Seeing my progress lifting weights each week helped to keep me motivated and Neil was there to answer any questions I had along the way.  Upon finishing the 12 weeks, I have adopted a totally new lifestyle – one where I am completely in control of what I eat each day as I continue to track my diet and progress at the gym.  It didn’t feel like the end of a program; instead I started to continuously set goals for myself and work towards them.
I am very happy with the results and excited to continue my new, healthier lifestyle while sharing the information I’ve learned with others along the way!