“Before starting with Erika on my 12 week program I had hit a wall with my weight. Was it time to just accept that this is the size I was made to be? After watching the number on the scale only increase as time went on I knew this was not the size I was supposed to be or wanted to be for that matter. Something needed to be done but help has always been hard for me to ask for. I creeped on the Trench Fitness transformations page and friends progress pictures on Instagram for months and months before I took the first baby step to talk to a friend about her adventures with Trench Fitness. Before the end of our conversation I was filling out the online application form.

Still nervous as heck about changing my life I went all in. I went all in trying my best to push past every insecurity and doubt I was wearing plain on my face. Things were very different for me, but I adjusted very quickly. The 12 weeks flew by way faster than I had ever imagined. Having Erika by my side made up for everything I was lacking and she was a huge contributor to my success. She could take me from feeling like a 6 to a 10 in one sentence and also left me accountable for my actions. Two things I was lacking most in my weight loss efforts prior to this.



trench-transformation-allie2I can’t believe the difference in my appearance but more importantly the difference in my mind set. I am still the same me I have always been just with the added feature of having my head held high. The constant support and motivation for me to become this way came in many forms (weekly summaries, Instagram posts, Erika’s blog, etc.). The real game changer was hands down joining group classes. At about half way Erika suggested I try them out and I am so grateful she did. Like most new things, I was nervous to try. After becoming more comfortable with everything group classes ended up being something I look forward to in the week. The energy in each class is amazing, not a negative vibe in sight. Group classes made me much more confident in the workouts I do on my own as well.

As mentioned before I carried some doubts in myself before and during my program. I had doubts about whether I would stick to my 12 weeks or not and also how close I could really get to my goals. My goals were to see the number on the scale to go down and to turn some of the flab into fab! I definitely reached my goal… and then some! My total weight loss was around 24lbs. Still floors me to think I had accomplished all of what I thought I couldn’t (adios doubts!). Seeing the difference I made in myself (physically and mentally) gets me really excited to keep working at bettering myself. Even though I am not going to continue another 12 weeks right away I am still going to get my weekly dose of Trench Fitness fun with the amazing people at group classes. In months to come I hope to team up with Erika again and kick some serious butt on another 12 weeks.”