“In the last few years I have been back and forth with fitness. Gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight. I’m no stranger to the gym and athletics, and as an RN I have a pretty good grasp of human physiology and metabolism. Essentially I’ve always understood what was needed to create a fit human body, I just didn’t carry out the actions, at least not consistently. I just really wanted to be in good shape and feel good, and yes have a beach body that I felt confident in! What was missing was structure and accountability.  After doing some research I decided to give the 12 week program at Trench a try.

Trench taught me about tracking macros and the importance of being consistent with nutrition and weight lifting. They gave me the structure and tools I needed to be successful, and remain successful. Neil is a fantastic coach and really made the program easy to follow with his consistent communication and helpful feedback every week. In the beginning I worked with Scotty in the gym who was able to get me doing my workouts properly and safely. From there I was able to continue my training on my own, knowing that I was doing the movements correctly. I’m currently in the best physical shape I have ever been in! The 12 week program may be over, but the path to health and fitness is lifelong. Thanks Trench for getting me off to an amazing start, and for giving me the tools and knowledge I need to continue on this road! I’m down almost 18lbs, have a 24.5 inch waist, am way more energetic, and sincerely have never felt this good!”