trench transformation brett1

“I started with Trench in January of 2015. After years of not so healthy eating and a very hectic work schedule of weeks on end in hotels and camps and being on the road, I knew I had to make a change. I also had a daughter on the way so I wanted to become a healthy role model for her.

The Trench family has been amazing to say the least! Neil and Denis have been awesome coaches in my lifestyle change. With the weekly check-in’s and constant communication they kept me on point with both my food and training. Even when I had no access to a gym for 2 weeks Neil made me a training program I could do in my hotel room.

I now look at food as fuel for my body not just as a way to fill it up! I cant go to the grocery store and not look at a food label and think how it fits into a healthy lifestyle. I also had never heard of “macro tracking” before. I was a little intimidated at first of tracking every piece of food I put in my body but once you get the hang of things its a breeze.

trench transformation brett2I now have more energy and am stronger and leaner than I have ever been after 24 weeks. I look forward to what the future brings being part of the Trench family!”


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