contest-prep-candace1I’m extremely happy I went with Trench Fitness this year for my contest prep! It was such an unbelievable positive experience and I came out of it with a lot of knowledge. The training routine I was given was easy to follow and didn’t feel like I had to do cardio 24/7. I saw some amazing results and came in the way I would have wanted, HEALTHY.

On contest day I was not only eating but drinking water as well. I learned so much along the way that even in off season I bring it into my daily routine. They helped me make a positive lifestyle change. Neil and Erika were always helpful and positive and I loved having them as my coaches. If I had any questions at all, time was taken to answer them so that I was left with an understanding of why I was doing what I was doing.

When asked who I train with I’m proud to say with Trench Fitness and highly recommend them.
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