trench-transform-candace1Initial Weight: 171.6lbs
Current Weight (12 Weeks): 155.6lbs

I’d like to start off by thanking the team at Trench Fitness for helping me achieve what I have so far.  Before I came to Trench Fitness I had tried personal training and working out on my own.  I learnt a lot from one of my trainers.  I was introduced to Trench Fitness at the right time (Thanks Chrisinda!).

My trainer was going on maternity leave and I knew I needed on going training and support, so I thought I’d give group training a try. I knew I loved to work out. I just needed the right combination of diet, weight and interval training. That is what the team at Trench Fitness has provided for me. Most importantly I have learned to eat properly. I am a foodie, I love nice flavorful food. What I have learned is that you can eat great food, build muscle tone and lose weight.


I feel that the team at Trench Fitness challenges and pushes me to achieve all that I am capable of every time I am in the Trenches!! I still have work to do but I know with the right help and guidance, training, diet and of course a positive mindset , I can achieve more than what I have so far!! I’m excited to see my ongoing fitness successes in 2013 with the team at Trench Fitness!!

Thanks Team Trench!!!