Starting Data
Weight 172.2lbs
Hips 42”
Waist 31”

Ending Data
Weight 152.2lbs
Hips 38”
Waist 32”

Weight 20lbs
Hips 4”
Waist 1”


For some reason writing this testimonial seems like the hardest part of this challenge and I really don’t know why or what to say… but here goes….

I joined Trench Fitness in 2014 and have had zero regrets. If someone would have told me even a few months before I joined that I would end up looking forward to getting up at 5am to go to the gym, having zero issues with going to sleep at 9pm (yeah, this hasn’t really changed, I am the oldest 32-year-old ever), happily tracking my food, saying no to beer, and loving it, I would have laughed at them. Before joining, I was sporadically going to the gym, mostly doing cardio and eating what I thought was fairly

healthy. Oh, how I roll my eyes at 2014 me. Anyway, fast forward 4 years and I have done multiple 12-week programs and I can’t say enough great things about it. I love the structure, guidance, and knowledge I have gained. Without the 12-week program, Trench, and Erika, I would probably be in the exact same position. I have honestly never been healthier (the doctor told me at my last physical I had the blood pressure and heart rate of an athlete… NBD.) and happier.

I signed up for the challenge mostly because I wanted to do another 12-week program and why not try to win something while you are at it! I had fallen back into some old habits and unfortunately regained some of the weight I had originally lost. I am definitely not the most competitive person in the world, but the challenge was surprisingly motivating. Although there were weeks I struggled, I am really proud of what I accomplished. I didn’t miss a single training day and only missed a couple of cardio session (with actually legitimate excuses!). GO ME!

I really surprised myself this program with my ability to tell people why I didn’t want to eat their junk food, drink beer, go out to dinner, etc. Although, I have been doing the programs on and off for a while, I never really felt confident in telling people I was on a program. I have never wanted to say to someone I was unhappy with how I looked. By admitting I was on a diet of sorts seemed like I was telling someone I wasn’t happy with myself or my weight. This time I very happily told all the people – “Sorry, I am working on my fitness!”. I also felt a shift in the way I was thinking about this program, which is extra surprising because it was a competition and I wanted to win, but I wasn’t as concerned about the number on the scale and if I hadn’t dropped any weight from week to week. Unfortunately, it happened quite often, but it didn’t really bother me. I still was hitting my macros and staying motivated. I never once let it be a disappointment as I have done in the past.

I absolutely love Trench Fitness and its people! I will always take the opportunity to tell friends about how great it is. I get asked often how I stay dedicated or motivated and my honest answer is that I found something that I really enjoy. If you are struggling to get to the gym or to go for your runs, maybe you need to try something new. Never in a million years would I think I would be excited about lifting, but I totally am. It makes me happy and as an added benefit my pants fit better! FITNESS!