Starting Data
Weight 249lbs
Hips na
Waist 49”

Ending Data
Weight 231lbs
Hips na
Waist 45”

Weight 18.0lbs
Hips na
Waist 4”

I was never a stranger to the gym in the past and usually tried to live somewhat of an active lifestyle. I thought I ate somewhat good and had days where I knew I didn’t eat so well. I started training at Trench in 2016 and heard about the transformation challenge and wasn’t sure if it was for me at the time. I decided to give it a try in 2018 and it was the best thing I have done for myself. Working with Scotty through this challenge made it really fun and I learned a lot from Scotty about how to improve my form for lifts. I was a little unsure about all the food at first Scotty explained to not worry and believe in the program he had designed. Over the 12 weeks I learned about how to eat a lot healthier then what I was doing prior. I learned how to track all my food better and gained a better understanding of it also. I also noticed my clothes started to get looser and I started to notice I was slimming down. This was real fun 12 week program and am very impressed with the results I achieved. I managed to loose 18 pounds and lost 4 inches over the course of the program.

I noticed that throughout this program I started to get a better sleep at night then what I was getting before the event. I felt like I didn’t have a lot of energy before the program, but now that I’m done I feel like I have a ton of energy. This is exactly what I needed to get my life on the right track and help me get started on my weight loss journey.