trench-transformation-chelsea-1Total Weight Lost: 12.2lbs
Total Inches Lost: 14″

“I just finished my 12 week nutrition and exercise program with Trench Fitness and trainer Kalan Whiting. I have nothing but good things to say!

I had been following Trench for nearly half a year – reading the knowledgeable posts from Neil and Erika and reading and looking at client transformations and wishing they were me. After a winter break vacation to BC, which consisted of nearly a week long of terrible eating (carbs and cheese seemed to be my only food choices) and drinking way more than normal, I returned home bloated, heavier than I’d been in a while and very deflated with a fast approaching wedding and honeymoon in June. This was when I finally made the choice to email Trench Fitness to get a 12-week program set up.

I was very excited and motivated to work with Trench Fitness as they seemed to have a very manageable approach to fitness and nutrition (nothing was “banned”) with their macro nutrient approach. I had tried other programs in the past with little success as any banned food became more and more tempting and I would cave.



The 12 weeks were a bit of a roller coaster. The first weeks were a huge change but I was the most motivated to stick right on my eating plan even though the weighing of food took a while to get used to. Just after the halfway point as I was on a real motivation high, my Grandmother passed away very unexpectedly. Kalan was there for support and to offer words of encouragement. He encouraged me to stay on plan, but did not berate me when I ate off plan. I am human and I made a choice to eat a little off plan when I did not feel it appropriate to take away from family time to prep or weigh food. I also made the choice to get right back on plan quickly, instead of to continue to derail (a change from my former self). Following this week – my interests changed a bit also and Kalan helped change my plan to suit this. I no longer was really enjoying HIIT (yes, it was my favourite before) but felt like I could run and run as I had time to think and reflect. We swapped a HIIT session for a steady cardio session and my motivation was back. I ended on a great high. I knew I’d fall short of my initial goals set before my set backs but I was going to try my hardest to still get there!


I owe Trench a lot as my new “loves” are a result of my program with them. I love watching my muscles continually grow. I love increasing my lifts daily and weekly. I love increasing my HIIT spring levels or my KM personal best times. I love eating healthy! I love sharing what I have learned and recipes I have found or created.

I lost 12.2 lbs and 14″ all over, including 3 1/4″ off my belly. My first week I started my deadlifts at 80 lbs x 10 reps and in my last week I was lifting 140 lbs x 10 reps and know I will be able to go up next time!

I am not where I want to be, but Trench has helped transform my mind and I know I can get there. I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin. I constantly have people commenting on my progress and asking how I did it and asking about Trench Fitness. I tell them it takes 110 % effort and dedication, but it is doable and beyond worth it!

I cannot wait to feel and look my best as I marry the love of my life on June 22 and then head to Hawaii on June 30. I cannot wait to continue to progress and improve myself every day as I enjoy a healthy and active life.”