trench-transformation-16-chelsie1Well 36 weeks ago I started my journey with Trench and I will never look back! I have always been the type of person who ate fairly healthy, prepped meals, worked out frequently and stayed involved with sports but I just could not get the results I wanted. Throughout the past 36 weeks I took part in some personal training sessions, group training, bought a membership and I am now training for the Trench Powerlifting Open in July!

The facility, staff and members at Trench is what made this process so easy! The facility is amazing and has everything you need, and more!! The trainers are so friendly and willing to help you whenever they are around, whether you are there on your own time or in a paid session. You do not see that at many places nowadays so it definintely says a lot about their willingness to help others. The members at the gym are just as friendly and encouraging too. When I first started doing group classes I was shy and unsure of what to expect. The group training allowed me to meet a ton of great people, have fun, be part of a team and the trainers always encouraged you to add more weight!! Trench is like a small community that feels like a second home with all of the great people and I am proud to be a part of it!! I look forward to going to the gym because of what a great atmosphere it is!

trench-transformation-16-chelsie3Prior to coming to Trench I had never done a barbell deadlift or unassisted squat. Needless to say, these two are now my favorite exercises. With the encouragement and coaching from the trainers I have made a number of gains in the gym on these exercises. I did not think on day 1 of this journey that I would be doing 250+lb deadlifts but there is not stopping there! I am now looking forward to the Trench Fitness Powerlifting open in July and put my hard work to the test!

There are so many quick fixes and crash diets out there that are unrealistic. The best part about this program was having people ask “so what can you eat?” Well let me tell you, you can practically eat what you want, as long as it fits within your numbers. I absolutely love peanut butter so I would always find a way to get some in within a day! It also allowed you to experiment with things and learn a lot about what actually makes up certain foods. I found myself constantly trying new things for meals to have a variety and keep myself on track. Meal prep is a huge part that saved me time along the way as well. Whether it was busy work weeks or travelling out of town, it was the effort I put into planning ahead that helped make things easier. You have to fuel your body properly in order to be successful!

trench-transformation-16-chelsie2I have always been into cooking and baking but with the help of Erika’s cookbook and instagram posts I found myself trying new things every week. I am usually pretty robotic eating the same things from day to day but it was always nice to mix things up along the way! I now find myself substituting various ingredients in recipes to make them macro friendly! Who knew switching up something so minor like using pam instead of olive oil would make such a big difference! The little things like that definitely add up!

I am so glad that I made the decision to join Trench as it has been a great experience. Not only can you see the transformation in my appearance but you can also see it in my physical and mental strength. I have gained more confidence in myself and there is no limit to what I think I can do now! With everything I encoutnered along the way, I would not have been able to do it without Erika’s support every week with my check ins. The support and encouragement I got from Erika, my friends, family and everyone at Trench is what made this all possible! I would encourage everyone out there who’s debated on putting their health and fitness as a priority to stop thinking about it and DO IT! You will never look back and the possibilities are endless.

This has just been a puzzle piece to my journey and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead of me!! Just like the walls at Trench say – Don’t just talk about it, be about it!!