“After years of working shift work with EMS and the unhealthy lifestyle that seems to come so easily along with it I knew I needed to make a serious change. In five years I had gained over 60 lbs.  I had been thinking about, or looking into different nutrition programs, but there was always some kind of excuse or reason why “ I can’t do it now” “I’ll wait until later”.  I was back and forth for work up north, and it was just easier to be lazy and do nothing when I was home. And that’s when I found Trench.

When I first walked into Trench Fitness I was out of shape, overweight, and just generally not happy. I had a severe lack of both energy and motivation, this can be exemplified by taking one look at my before picture. I had no idea what to expect when I walked in, Erika went over the program with me. She took the before pictures, and it was go time.

The first few weeks were really tough for me, but it quickly became easier and easier to stay motivated. After just the first week I noticed a huge change in energy, motivation, and most importantly mood – I was already starting to feel better. Erika had me going seven days a week with exercise programs and I never missed a day. At first it was difficult, but soon enough I couldn’t find an excuse not to work out!



I’ve learned so much about nutrition over the past three months, whether it be about macros or eating clean.  I’m healthier, happier, and I feel great. Most importantly my perspective on eating has totally changed. Trench helped me establish a healthier lifestyle and not only accomplish my goals, but surpass them.”