Starting Data
Weight 158.4lbs
Hips 39.75”
Waist 32.25”

Ending Data
Weight 147.3lbs
Hips 38”
Waist 29.75”

Weight 11.3lbs
Hips 2.5”
Waist 1.75”

I have a history of trying the fad diets, the popular flavour of the week exercises. I’ve done everything from regular group classes (to get “bikini ready”) to home HITT workouts and even Crossfit. I’ve ate clean, gluten free, paleo but I’ve also binged on take out and chocolate. Some diets just aren’t sustainable and the second you finish them all the bad habits come back.

When I found Trench I was looking for a transition from the high intensity training of Crossfit to something more suited for my body like conventional lifting. I struggled with a neck injury from a motor vehicle accident back in 2013 and realized my body couldn’t keep up anymore. I worked with Erika and got amazing results last year but unfortunately I fell off the wagon with nutrition mostly. My neck symptoms started to worsen and I began working with a physical therapist. I gave myself a break from the gym and worked on my therapy until I was ready to go back. Suffering a high ankle sprain pushed my gym time back even farther all the while I was still eating whatever I wanted. Well suddenly I’m the heaviest I have ever weighed at 160 pounds (I was 130 over a year ago) and I have a wedding coming up in August. The transformation challenge was the extra push I needed to get back my healthy lifestyle. My life was riddled with injury flare ups, stress and illness as I was binge eating the winter away. Eating home cooked food and in my macro limits started to make me feel better; I didn’t feel bloated anymore and I had more energy. I was weak with my weight training to begin with since it had been so long since I had trained but my strength slowly improved. My stress caught up to me in March which caused me to stall my progress, however I managed to maintain my weight that month rather than gaining again. After pushing through my stress I was able to lose a bit more weight before the end of the challenge. Even though I’m not quite where I want to be with my weight/body composition I am so proud of how far I’ve come in this short amount of time. According to my scale I’ve lost around 10 pounds so that’s a great start! The best part though is how much my weight training has improved. I was able to hit 2 main PR’s in the final week of the transformation. First was my sumo deadlift. I haven’t deadlifted heavy since Crossfit (at least 3 years ago) and now I’m doing 5 pounds more than I ever have in my life! Not just a 1 rep max either, 165 pounds 3 reps for 2 sets ! My second PR was my hip thruster, a movement I never heard of until joining Trench and it’s now my favourite. I couldn’t even hip thrust the bar when I first started and now I’m thrusting my deadlift weight! I’m absolutely amazed. I had zero intentions of hitting PRs when I started the transformation challenge, fat loss was my only goal but it just shows that the transformation challenge will transform more than just your body weight/look, it transformed my lifts! I haven’t been able to hit PRs struggling with my injuries for years. This challenge was what I needed in so many ways that I wasn’t even aware of. So happy with the progress on so many levels and I can’t wait to continue my transformation outside of the challenge.