“Neil at Trench Fitness set me straight and really showed me that diet is 70-80% of the battle in achieving my fitness goals.
Trench Fitness gave me a clear idea of what I should eating, what foods to avoid, along with how much I should be eating, and how to track it using an app on my phone, which is perfect for my lifestyle.

From there, I was also given an 8 day workout routine (again that I can track on my phone) that I, as well as the Trench Fitness crew can follow that gives me and them  a way to track my progress and watch me get stronger as I progress towards my goal!

Neil has always been a good mentor through his emails and up to date social media content. He is there to answer questions and promote your progress along the way, which has been great for personal motivation. I really appreciate what he has taught me throughout the year thus far, and am happy to be a part of the Trench!

Thanks for everything!”