Starting Stats:
Weight – 258.2lbs
Waist – 46”
Hip – N/A

Finishing Stats:
Weight – 247.5lbs
Waist – 43”
Hip – N/A

Total Change:
Weight – 10.7lbs
Waist – 3”
Hip – N/A

“I’m 43 years old and I my job requires physical fitness.  In the fifteen years since I started work, I had gained 40lbs and had just passed 250lbs.  My wife, who had been for years encouraging me to get back to the gym (without much success) brought up the transformation challenge at Trench. I tried the gym a few times, but after a week or two I mostly stopped going, and my visits were few and far between. I hadn’t really done any weight training, and my gym sessions were mostly cardio and a steam bath.

Something changed. I think it was passing the 250 mark, but I just didn’t like who I was anymore and I was tired of having to buy larger shirts because XL wasn’t fitting me anymore. There was probably some “I’m just not healthy right now” tossed in there as well.

So we signed up. I had the membership at Trench, and a membership at another gym where I could still steam after workouts. I did my weight training sessions at Trench, and cardio I did at the other gym, because I liked the reward of steaming after a hard workout. Sometimes I’d combine them and do a weight training session at Trench then go right to the other gym for cardio and a steam. For the first few weeks, it worked out awesome. I was getting close to 20lbs of weight loss.  Neil, Marty and Hannah were awesome to work with and learn from. There was no condescending attitude and I feel they genuinely wanted to see me succeed. I’ll always thank them for that, and for setting me on a path to being fit.

The COVID thing closed the gyms down during the challenge, and Neil came up with some home workouts for us to do. I did what I could, but I was missing the steam room at the other gym. I had lost my carrot at the end of the stick, so things slowed down. It wasn’t that I had completely lost motivation, it just felt different, and I had limited equipment, so my gains (losses actually) started slowing. At the end of the 12 weeks I’m still down about 13 pounds and I’ve added a lot of muscle.  I feel a lot stronger and I’ve learned a lot about myself these past 12 weeks.

When this COVID thing goes away I’ll be back at the gym putting what I’ve learned to good use.  Thanks Trench, and I’ll see you (hopefully) in a few weeks.”