“I spent seven months traveling, followed by 3 months working in a camp in northern Alberta – almost a whole year with disregard to my personal fitness and nutrition which are usually a forefront in my life.  I was eager to get back into shape and increase my energy levels to feel like myself again.

I’ve known Neil for a number of years and and am very impressed with where his passion has led him – I jumped at the chance to support his new business endeavor and signed up for the 8 weeks nutritional and weight training package.  The nutritional program was flexible and easy to follow – as with any program it takes time and dedication to see results.

Since I reside in Calgary, Neil coached and encouraged me via email and texting to meet my personal goals.  The results of healthy eating and training are addictive – who doesn’t want a tight body, a clear mind, and energy to get them through the day?!  Thanks Neil.”