Weight: Starting -139.6lbs – Final -128.2lbs
Measurements : Starting Waist: 33”, Hip: 36” – Final Waist: 27.75” , Hip: 33.5”

Total Weight – 11.4lbs

Total Hips – 2.5”

Total Waist – 5.25”


“In July of 2016, after several years of university, I was the heaviest I’d ever been (128lbs). I’d always been relatively active and had eaten pretty much whatever I wanted without any weight fluctuation… but that seemed to be catching up with me – as everyone promised it would. That same July, I started attending group classes at Trench. I enjoyed the group class atmosphere of all ages and abilities and gradually increased my attendance. I slowly became more accustomed to the notion that liking what you see in the mirror is more important than the number you see on the scale. And sure enough, I watched my body change.
By January 2017, I had gained roughly 12-14 pounds, loved my butt and legs, but really felt that I wasn’t going to make much more progress without some professional intervention and nutritional changes. I took it as a sign when you advertised your Trench Transformation contest. I figured that I’d pay a bit extra for a chance to win and even if I didn’t, I’d have developed good habits and made a positive investment in my health and self-confidence… the ultimate win-win.

After 12 incredibly educational, empowering, strength-building and exciting weeks, I’ve lost all of the weight I’d gained since July of last year with one profound difference: I love what I see in the mirror!
Nothing serves as better proof that the scale doesn’t matter than the fact that I weigh the same now as I did when I started group classes last year. At 29 years old, I look/feel better and am stronger now than when I was 21. Thanks to the encouragement of everybody at Trench, both clients and staff, I’ve had the confidence to change how I see myself and that, to me, is SO much more important than any number on a scale!
Thanks Erika, Neil and all of your staff for creating a place that’s so amazing and for inspiring people to be better, stronger, healthier and happier! You’ve truly created a “fitfam” to be proud of!”