“To me, the Trench plan revolves around three aspects, the kitchen, the gym and the mental aspect.  Neil, and the Trench team provide an excellent foundation of knowledge and support in all three area’s.  I’ve made many of plans in the past 10 years to lose weight, get stronger, get faster, etc, but none of them come with the support and accountability I encountered at Trench.

The kitchen, and food intake were the biggest changes I had to make, and was the biggest challenge I faced, and I was not perfect, going through my share of great weeks, good weeks, but luckily only a few bad days.  I appreciated the flexible approach that Trench provided, I could eat “clean” if I wanted, or have an ice cream cone, as long as I tracked it, and compensated elsewhere. It became a lifestyle to carry my scale, and know exactly what I was eating, and ensuring I ate the foods that helped me towards my goal.

The gym was my favorite part of the plan, and Neil allows for a ton of flexibility in the programming.  We started off with 4 days a week, and limited cardio, but when I decided to compete in a Try-a-Tri, we adjusted the cardio to ensure I could train effectively for that.  And, when summer came, and the time I had available to work out changed, we changed to 3-days a week lifting.  The results in the gym became more addictive than the results on the scale, and I was able to hit some strength goals I didn’t believe were possible thanks to the effective programming by Neil, and the fantastic personal training from Denis.

trench-transformation-derek2But, nothing we did was revolutionary, or isn’t available for you to find on the internet.  The real value in being a Trench client is the accountability that Neil provides through getting to know you, understanding your goals, and ensuring you stick to the plan through the weekly check-ins.  Couple that with the inspirational social media messages from Neil & Erika and the success of the other Trench athletes (special shout out to Marc Morris & “Rooncakes” who motivated me to keep going through their competition prep) and the mental aspect of the Trench plan becomes the easiest aspect, because you’re part of team all working towards the same goal of becoming a better version of yourself.”