trench-transformations-eden2-1“Even though this is the second time I have done the Trench Program. I came into these 3 months with other goals in mind. The first time I was very insecure with how I looked and felt and my goal was to lose weight. Once I reached that goal I really had nothing to motivate me. I started to falter, I needed another to create another goal for myself. Competing in half marathons and running events is how I stay committed now. There is always going to be another race going on. Since I am a competitive person I will always want to be better. Erika has pushed me hard these last 12 weeks and my body has worked even harder. I never thought I could lift as heavy or run as fast as I am now. I am goal oriented person, I need these upcoming races to keep me moving. My mantra is to keep pushing to become a better me. I have no excuses now.”