trench-transformation-erin21“I started out at Trench with the goals of improving my strength, posture and learning a little bit about nutrition. To be honest, I did not think I would realistically ever be able to maintain such a drastic lifestyle change. I thought with my busy schedule it was just not something I could maintain. Before meeting with Neil, I had several misconceptions about strength training and how it was related to nutrition. I thought that the only way to improve my body would be to starve myself and I am not a happy person when I’m hungry!

Within the first week I started to see immediate improvements to my energy levels and how my body recovered from strength training. With guidance from Neil and Tyler I have learned how to safely and effectively strength train and stick to a nutrition plan that is not only manageable with my busy schedule, but also gives me the proper fuel to rock my strength training sessions and recover without the usual muscle aches and pains. I have never felt this confident at the gym and with my body. I’m so excited to continue with this lifestyle and look forward to challenging myself at new levels. Thanks to Neil and Tyler for giving me the confidence to achieve these results.”