“I contacted Neil 12 weeks ago to set up a nutrition and training program for me.  I had been exercising regularly for the past few years, but was frustrated because I was not getting the results I felt I should be seeing.

After talking with Neil and beginning my new program, I realized that I had been making the same mistakes that so many women make – I thought that to get a fit, toned body I needed to do a lot of cardio, do numerous reps of light weights and really limit my calorie intake. I was so wrong! I have learned so much about nutrition and strength training over the last few months and have never felt stronger!

I am finally seeing the results I was always striving for, and I have Neil and Bryce to thank for this. Neil’s consistently positive feedback and professional advice were so helpful through the process and the strength and nutrition plans were great. Because I was constantly seeing progress and results from week to week, it was easy to stay motivated and committed to the program.

I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Trench Fitness and am looking forward to continuing to work with Neil over the next few months!”