Frank has been working with Trench Fitness since June, 2011.  In the last 4 months he has completely transformed his body as well as his lifestyle.  He now has more energy, looks and feels great, and has 100% adopted fitness and health as part of his life.  For his outstanding accomplishments and achievements, Trench Fitness is pleased to recognize this milestone by awarding him a professional fitness photo shoot.  Here is what Frank had to say about working with Trench Fitness.


Client Name: Frank Guenther
Initial Client Stats:     Weight: 220lbs
Current Client Stats: Weight: 187lbs, Deadlift: 335lbsx5

Frank has taken his iron willpower and consistent hard working attitude and applied it to Trench Fitness programs and his success is clearly demonstrated through pictures and his new found lifestyle. Here is what he had to say about the program so far.

Trench Fitness: How long have you been working with Trench Fitness for and what was your motivation for starting a Trench Fitness Lifestyle Plan?
Client:  I started working with Neil on June 6th. My motivation for starting was to feel better and to have a healthier lifestyle.

Trench Fitness: In your opinion what was the biggest factor in your success on the Trench Fitness program?
Client: The biggest factor to my success with the program is consistency with the nutrition plan.

Trench Fitness: Describe how you feel now compared to the way you felt with your old lifestyle?
Client:  Compared to when I started working with Neil, my energy levels are higher and I feel healthier.

Trench Fitness: Do you have any regrets? What was the biggest challenge of this program?
Client: My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. There wasn’t really anything challenging with the program.

Trench Fitness: Do you have any words of encouragement for others looking to revamp their lifestyle and become more fit and healthy?
Client: All it takes to be successful is to be consistent and never give up.