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“Growing up I was a big boy. 255lbs, size 40+” waist, the list goes on. In my 20’s and with a metabolism change, I went completely the other way, to very skinny, 167lbs, 30″ waist, etc. Approximately 3 years ago, I made a conscious decision over a coffee, sitting in the sun. Almost an epiphany, if you will. But it would require a lot of work and dedication. I wanted to be lean. I wanted to be fit. I wanted to be muscular. Not just happy of my appearance, but proud of it.

I began working out on my own and with colleagues with limited results. I stepped up my game and sought a trainer who helped me immensely with putting on some muscle and increasing my mobility, minimizing chronic pain which had existed for years. I learned a lot, but there was still much to learn I found out. Eight months ago, I met with Neil at Trench Fitness. Body building was the key for me. The missing piece to my puzzle. His knowledge and experience had me rewire my brain, from nutrition to form and exercise. And the results in just this short time frame speak for themselves in the photos you see. I was paired with Tyler, who along with the entire Trench staff, have been very supportive and encouraging. Neil and Tyler have been nothing short of fantastic. Inspirational, motivational, knowledgeable, and best of all, people I call friends.

I’m now leaner than I ever have been, stronger, happier. But, my journey is not over yet, nor will it likely ever be. Finding new ways to challenge my mind and my body has become addictive. The transformation of being more muscular and the person I’ve always wanted to see staring back in the mirror gets closer each day. However, I can honestly say, I’m proud of how far I’ve come and where I’m at right now. Every step is a step forward and not backward. Progress. Thank you Trench for helping me achieve what I have, for your continued guidance in the future, and for your friendship. I’m honoured you asked me to post this.

trench transformation heath2Finally, to all those reading this that feel they can’t, but they want to, let me assure you, you can. I did, and continue to do so. So can you. Take that step. The rest will follow. A new and better you awaits you. You’ll see.”



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