trench-transformation-jackie1“I can honestly say that before starting with Trench I never really thought I could be this version of myself. I felt like I had just accepted the fact that I would be this specific size and weight, this certain shape for the rest of my life. I was by no means happy with this.. but it was just easier than stepping out of my comfort zone.

Looking back to when I first started this journey it was by far the scariest thing I have done. It might seem silly to think that something as ‘simple’ as losing weight would be classified as scary but for someone who has struggled with their own perception of themselves for their entire life; scary is an understatement. I have never had this much energy, confidence or pride in myself for all of my 27 years. I changed my entire life 24 weeks ago and now all I can do is look forward and be excited about everything that is to come.”