Starting Stats:
Weight – 155.9lbs
Waist – 30.25”
Hip – 39”

Finishing Stats:
Weight – 141.4lbs
Waist – 26.75”
Hip – 35.75”

Total Change:
Weight – 14.5lbs
Waist – 3.5”
Hip – 3.25

“I have been working out for a long time, many years, but was inconsistent with my diet until I signed up for training with Erika at Trench Fitness.  Through her training programs and diet regimen, I have learned the importance of consistency and that diet and proper form with exercise is key. I was continually going through the motions of the exercise with very little knowledge on proper form and lack of muscle focus. I have been with Trench Fitness for almost three years and I was inspired to join the 12 week challenge mainly to challenge myself to be one hundred percent faithful to counting my macros accurately and to see how much I can change and focus on becoming the best version of me. I have enjoyed it very much and it is really exciting when you can eat more calories and still maintain a lean physique!  Erika and Neil really push and help keep you focused throughout the regimen and they were always there for all my questions or if I just needed a little push! I would do this competition again!”