“I started with Trench Fitness in October 2014. I was tired of “trying something new” all of the time and looking for a “quick fix” to try and lose weight and as a result, it left me aimless and unsatisfied with my nutrition and exercise. I was heavier than I had ever been and didn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

I had trained with Neil a number of years ago, so I knew that Trench was where I needed to be if I wanted to see results. I started up my Nutrition and Exercise Program and booked myself into Group Training and finally found the focus and direction I needed. It’s not always easy to stick with a program like this; in my first 12 weeks, I went to Mexico for a week, strategically planned my Thanksgiving meal, and dodged copious amounts of temptation over the Christmas season. But for the first time those things didn’t phase me because I finally had the tools I needed to make it through a meal without food getting the best of me. I’ve never missed out on anything because I know how to make food work for me now, instead of the other way around.


I love exercise again, I sleep better, eat better, and FEEL better, which is the most important part for me. When people ask me how I’m doing it and what “diet” I’m on, I thoroughly enjoy the looks of confusion when I tell them I’m not on a diet at all. I’m making this my way of life now and I love it!”