Contestant Name: Jay Carteri

Before Weight: 204.2lbs

After Weight: 176.4lbs

Before Waist Measurement: 36”

After Waist Measurement: 31.5”

“For the last few years i have been working very hard toward certain goals in my life and have been fortunate enough to have achieved most of them. Late last year I decided that there was one goal I haven’t obtained yet and felt it was the perfect time to do so;  that goal was getting in the best shape of my life. I have tried various methods of dieting and in my opinion, none measure up to the method that Neil and his team use at Trench.  Being a trench fitness client in the past , as well as a good friend of Neils for a few years now, it was a “no brainer”, I knew the program at Trench was the best way to go to reach my goals and meet my full potential.  I figured that instead of eating very few calories, having no energy, bad mood swings, depriving my muscle of the carbs that it needs, as well as having a wild cheat day filled with tons of fat, sugar and fast food just to keep my sanity, I figured I would make my life a lot easier and do the right thing.  By the right thing I mean  consistantly hitting the right amount of food that I need to hit in a day to reach my goals, all while using the foods that I enjoy eating to do so.It’s that simple. Im not the type of person that can eat plain chicken breast and broccoli every day , i will go insane if i do.   In fact i have been approached by several people over the last few month in disbelief at the type/amount of food i’ve been eating and still losing weight.


So overall i feel I definitely made the right decision.  I approached Neil and told him that i wanted to lean my body out as much as possible but hold as much muscle on it as i possibly could. Personally i feel that we obtained our goal! I have been approached by many different people in the last few months that have literally said ”  you have lost so much weight but held on the muscle, thats hard to do”.   If i would have chose to diet on my own i am 100% sure i wouldn’t have had near the results that i did with the trench team. By now i would probably be very depleted , looking very skinny as well as unhealthy and ready to go insane. I also would have spent hundreds of dollars on fat burners and other useless supplements that i didnt even need in the first place.   I went to a suppliment store during the program with trench to look into buying a fat burner and because the workers knew i was working with trench fitness they told me to trust my trainer and recomended that i DONT bother wasting my money.  Just being in that situation alone has told me that i made the right decision working with Trench as they are very well known for being able to help people so much in getting on track with a healthy lifestyle and successfuly reaching their goals simply by educating their clients.

As I said, our goal was obtained.  We accomplished exactly what i wanted to do .  I am literally in the best shape i have ever been in my life , i feel great, look alot better and most importantly my personal life has not been affected by crazy mood swings and I have even more of a positive outlook on life.  Lastly, a big thank you to my good friend Neil at trench fitness and the trench team for helping me reach my goals and more so for further educating me about health and fitness and helping me get to a place in my life that i feel great about and am proud of and happy to call a life style rather than a “diet”.