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“These past few months while working with Neil and the staff at Trench Fitness have honestly changed my life. I remember my first session with Taryn like it was yesterday. I can tell you that I struggled through every minute of it and all I wanted to do was the walk of shame to the door. I drove home thinking “how in the world are these people doing this multiple times per week?”. I couldn’t even run a lap or do a push up, but there were people doing that and so much more all around me. It wasn’t long before I started to love my training and the motivation everyone gave me.

In August of this year I decided to step up my game and really work on myself and my fitness. I signed up for a nutrition program and from there got the support and accountability I needed from Neil. I lost weight, I became stronger and realized I could become more fit than I had ever been. It made me want more and I felt the need to challenge myself even further. I used to think to myself “I’m getting old, I’m past my prime and it’s too late to get in shape” and was resigned to just accept myself the way I was and I wouldn’t have considered any kind of competition. Then I saw the Trench Transformation pictures and realized “no, I can do this!” and I’m well on my way to my goal of competing in a physique competition.

trench transformation jay2Although I just turned 40, I feel I am in the best shape of my life and feel great every day. I used to have daily back pain, it was a struggle to even get moving in the mornings and now it’s not a concern at all. Now that I’m tracking my food and have learned about nutrition I am astonished to think about the poor food choices I used to make and how those choices affected me physically. Again, I thank Neil for opening my eyes to this. I then decided to give myself the best chance at being successful and am now doing one-on-one sessions with Neil. With the extra training on proper form and Neil pushing me to progress weekly I am more confident than ever that I will reach my goal.

Thanks again to Neil, Erika and the awesome staff at Trench Fitness. I will forever be in your debt and will undoubtedly live longer because of you and your guidance.”


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