“For the past 6 years I have done strength training 5 days a week and cardio 3 days a week. I ate healthy, but not a lot of food. My body has remained the same over the course of these last 6 years…….until I met Neil.

For Christmas my husband bought me a 12 week transformation package. I was thrilled! In February I met with Neil to begin my program. After meeting with him, I was quite shocked with the program he gave me. Four strength training workouts and one 20 minute High Intensity Interval workout and not to mention a ton of food to eat. I wasn’t sure if he was confused and was putting me on a weight gain program! LOL!

The first week went by and I was shocked to see that I had lost one pound. The scale hadn’t changed in years. As the weeks went on I continued to see visible results and strength progress. I have completed my 12 week transformation with a 7lb weight loss, muscle gain, and new knowledge, information, and a way of thinking towards nutrition.

trench-transformation-jayla2Of course we need a caloric deficit in our nutrition to lose weight, but we also need enough calories to fuel our bodies to see progress. With a well balanced nutrition plan combined with strength and cardio, anyone at any age can achieve desirable results.

I 110% recommend hiring Neil at Trench Fitness to help you achieve your goals. He is extremely knowledgeable, answers any questions you have in detail, and treats you like a friend, not a client.

I will now venture back out on my own with plenty of knowledge and confidence to continue changing my body and living a healthy lifestyle. I will always know where to come back to when I need a little tweaking in my program.

Thank you Neil for helping me get where I am today! I had turned 40 in April, and I am in the best shape of my life!”