“After my first twelve weeks at Trench Fitness, it has become more than fitness. It becomes a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is hard to explain how great you feel when you are constantly bettering yourself and constantly being supported by the people at Trench Fitness.

The biggest thing I learned since joining Trench is accountability and consistency. Neil will give you all the knowledge and tools necessary to excel, but he can’t put in the work for you. You have to work hard, and consistently stick to your program and you will get the results. The people at Trench don’t expect perfection, they expect your best effort. If you slip up, instead of getting down on you, Neil will make you realize how it made you feel and explain the logic of why you can’t keep doing that moving forward.

I highly recommend Trench Fitness to anyone. I would also recommend personal training sessions to go with it as the small things Neil has taught me have turned into huge weight improvements.

Can’t wait to keep moving forward to the stage in 2015”