Starting Weight 124.8lbs
Starting Waist 28.25”
Starting Hips 35.25”


Final Weight 116.2lbs
Final Waist 26”
Final Hips 32”


Total Weight Loss 8.6lbs
Total Loss off Waist 2.25”
Total Loss off Hips 2.25”




“Last year, I participated in the transformation challenge because I was looking for a way to feel like myself after having my 2 kids. I had an amazing experience, lost the “baby weight” and learned so many valuable things about nutrition and exercise. I built some amazing relationships with my trainer, John, and Erika. I felt so safe and supported. After the challenge, I struggled a bit to maintain what I learned, so I decided to participate in the transformation challenge again.

This year I took a new approach. Instead of focusing on the weight and the physical appearance, I wanted to create new habits and and really make a change. Something I could continue, something I could really stand behind and feel comfortable doing. I wanted to see what I was capable of. What my body could do. What I could achieve when I focused on building myself up rather than focusing on the weight coming down.

When I started, John and I set 2 goals: a 100lbs bench press and a 135lbs back squat. I pushed myself harder than I ever had in the gym, and around week 7, we crushed the squat goal. We had to revamp my goals and we added in a deadlift and upped the squat to 150lbs.

While I was building to my strength goals I realized that the nutrition was coming much more naturally. I needed to meet my macro goals in order to feel strong enough with my weight goals. The correlation between the two was apparent.

I changed what I took for lunch at work, I planned my days out better, I really put more effort into what I was doing. I stopped focusing on how the scale was moving.

By the end of the 12 weeks, I had a 500lb gym total. At 115lbs body weight I could deadlift 250lbs, squat 150lbs, and bench 100. I met all 3 goals. I felt so successful, that “winning the challenge” wasn’t even a thought. I had already won.

Erika helped me so much with nutrition. She supported my bad days and celebrated my successes. She gave me tools to use to help me transition off the program but not lose myself like I did previously.

John gave me the tools I needed to succeed. He taught me proper form and slight  tricks to help with lifts. He kept my programming interesting, and even though I followed the same program for the 12 weeks, I was always pushing myself. He believed in what I could do.  His attitude each day in the gym was so positive and encouraging.

The other members at the gym were so inspiring. I got to train with amazing men and women who would recognize my accomplishments and share in struggles. Trench is a facility that welcomes everyone. Every level, every shape, and every size. The trainers are educated and dedicated and the atmosphere is second to none.”