2nd Place

Starting Data
Weight 130.4lbs
Hips 36”
Waist 29.25”

Ending Data
Weight 117.9lbs
Hips 33”
Waist 25.25”

Weight 12.5lbs
Hips 3”
Waist 4”

This transformation process has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, and I have been able to adjust my daily life to support my personal change. The transformation has gone beyond physical.

Not only have I lost over 10lbs and changed physically, I feel better mentally and spiritually and well. I have transformed how I eat, what I eat, and how i think about food. I have changed how I deal with stress, and how i manage family situations. So many positives changes have come from this.

My success with this transformation challenge would not have been possible without the supports. Erika, you have helped me gain a positive relationship with food. You taught me to work hard and put in the effort, but also be human and enjoy life. You supported me through tough times and helped me plan for changes to routine. The knowledge and care that you share with your clients is unbEATable.

Coach John has supported me through the training side and has helped me achieve some major goals. He has shown me how strong I can be. He is a programming wizard who helped me add over 30lbs to my deadlift through tough but enjoyable movements.  He also supported me when I failed the 200lb deadlift the first time, and kept pushing until I had success.  His knowledge is second to none and his positivity contagious.

The trench atmosphere makes everything better. Every person is welcoming and supportive. Even at 530 am you can find people who will cheer you on and help you out. Every member takes time to say hi and welcome you. Members have helped with my kids, played with them, and let them work in on their sets.  It really is a magical place.

Trench is a place where you can focus on whatever you want and they will have a way to support you. The facility has everything imaginable and the staff is so well rounded, every base is covered. From barbells and babies to OLY workshops, every person can find something that works for them.

Thank you Erika, John, and the rest of Trench for supporting me in this journey and helping me achieve so many personal goals.