Starting Data
Weight 212lbs
Hips na
Waist 38.25”

Ending Data
Weight 194.4lbs
Hips na
Waist 34”

Weight 17.6lbs
Hips na
Waist 4.25”


Wow where do I even begin? I have tried every diet workout plan combination known to the internet, along with nearly every supplement that a guy can get his hands on. Needless to say it ALWAYS ended up failing. I never understood why I failed and just got down on myself and always gave up as soon as I didn’t get instant results, or I continued on a certain path because it was easy and just told myself it will work because the internet told me so. Even though in reality it was creating terrible habits, and a mindset that was a destructive path that lead to habitual binging. I realized once I found out my wife was pregnant I really needed something sustainable that would work and would be healthy for me and my entire family.

Step in Trench Fitness. The first day I met with Neil it was an easy conversation despite my concerns of the carbohydrate and sugar demon. Neil easily explained to me why I have to eat what’s in the plan and why carbs are not the devil. Let me just preface that prior to the transformation I had a blood pressure in the range of 150/90 And a resting heart rate in and around 90bpm.

Begin transformation. The first workout damn near crippled me. I could not believe that I was that out of shape. I was squatting 135 lbs and couldn’t even do the full 3 sets because my legs buckled. I needed a spotter on bench press at 115  lbs because I struggled to get it up. The amount of food I was eating was ungodly in my mind. How could it be possible to lose weight and eat as much as I was eating. But I plugged away being accountable for what I was putting into my body being sure to meticulously weigh out every gram of food that met my mouth. It soon became second nature to put everything on the scale and not over eat because tracking I knew by the end of the day to meet my macros I am at the point where it is almost a struggle to eat. Let me just say a tablespoon of peanut butter is not a heaping spoonful of peanut butter as some may believe. I have to add hear that week 3 I seen coach John and we just had a 1 hr session concentrating on form. I would not have made the progress I made without that session. he was nothing short of spectacular.

By week 6 Neil sent me a side by side and I damn near plotzed. I couldn’t believe that was only six weeks and the scale had barely moved. That reinvigorated the process. I had some swagger, I was all like damn whose that sexy guy in the mirror. I then set goals that I thought would be attainable. 300lb Dead lift 225 lb squat and 175 lb bench press. I was thinking by about July at  that point I would be able to attain that. Hold on a tick I was getting stronger than I ever thought I was ever capable getting and by week 10/11 I hit my Dead lift smashed my squat goal and was benching 200lbs. I was also eating even more food than when I started, and still slimming out.  I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. The vainness increased but my wife was digging it.

The final week rolled around and I felt amazing I couldn’t wait to see my final photos and I was not disappointed. I felt amazing, looked amazing, my resting heartbeats dropped to an average of 52 and my blood pressure was a consistent 120/45. I had vascularity I had some definition. The final photos were taken and I had to pick my jaw off the floor 3 times once when I stepped on the scale -18lbs and I guarantee that’s all fat, the second time when neil wrapped the tape around me -4” and a third time when I seen the side by side comparison. (Same underwear in both photos believe it or not it’s the truth). I couldn’t b happier with the results.

What it came down to was the real reason I was doing this was for my daughter. She was born may the 4th. I didn’t want her to be subject to the terrible health choices I made. Because of this I was given the tools for long term success. A way of eating that allows me platitudes if you will. A way of living that doesn’t restrict what I can put into my body. And a style of working out that doesn’t need me to be in the gym 4 hrs a day 7 days a week. I feel like anything is attainable and maintainable. It wasn’t an over night fix it was all about consistency, easy consistency once you hit a groove. I will leave you with this worn out cliché, if I can do it anyone can do it.