trench transformation justyna1

I started my 12 weeks nutrition and exercise program at the end of Oct. 2015. I was very excited, willing and ready to do it. I’m a runner, I love to run but I never had the opportunity to focus on strength training. When I joined Trench Fitness my goal was to learn the proper way of lifting weights and improving my diet by balancing my macros. I found the group training to be very motivational, highly intense and lots of fun. The trainers are fantastic, very supportive and encouraged you to do your best. So are all the participants in the group. Thanks to Erika, I learned how to eat healthy and how to balance my proteins, carbs and fats. I feel amazingly strong, happy and full of energy. The program is so easy to follow and seeing results every week gave me more and more motivation to keep pushing myself harder and harder to reach my goal. In a very good way, this is a big lifestyle change for me. I highly recommend Trench to everyone looking for physical improvement and well being. It’s an awesome program for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Thank you so much to the whole Trench team, you guys ROCK!


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