trench-fitness-built-in-trench-challenge-1-kaitlyn-aContestant Name: Kaitlyn Skiba
Before Weight: 138.2lbs
After Weight: 128.8lbs
Before Waist Measurement: 27”
After Waist Measurement: 25.75”

“I started at Trench Fitness November 2012 with the group training. I got to the point where I wasn’t seeing any results at the gym; I was getting bored of running on the treadmill for an hour, my workouts had no variety, and I wasn’t seeing any changes. I decided that I needed help and guidance from someone who knew what they were doing. I fell in LOVE with the group training (yes! In LOVE), I was looking forward to every Monday and Wednesday just so I could go train, I was addicted! Neil and Erika are amazing! They are very motivating, they push you, they made class fun and were extremely helpful in ensuring your form and technique are correct. The group training gave me the confidence to lift weights at the gym on my own (which I would NEVER even consider doing before!!)

But! I was hooked! I wanted to do more, I want to push myself, I wanted to take the next step, the “nutrition component”. I contacted Neil and he suggested the Transformation Challenge, I thought, “perfect!”. I love challenging myself, but why not add a little competition in there too!


This Transformation Challenge has truly changed my life in the following ways:

I have NEVER felt better: I used to feel bloated, had stomach pains, and felt lethargic… it took so much effort to go to the gym, I would find myself standing in my pantry mindlessly munching on everything in site. Now, I wake up every morning feeling great, no more bloating, I have energy, I look forward to going to the gym and I have figured out how to fill my body with appropriate fuel so I am not mindlessly eating.

I feel STRONG: I was the girl who would spend my time at the gym doing cardio. Now, I am there lifting weights and I have never felt so confident. I had no idea that I could lift that much weight and Erika and Neil only enforced that I could.

My new found love; the kitchen. I have never been known to love being the kitchen. My husband and I would eat pretty much the same boring meals day in and day out. This challenge has showed me how fun it is to try new recipes, try new food, and that I something I truly appreciate. I now find it exciting to research new recipes that I could make which works with my macros and taste amazing!!

I need to make ME happy, no one else: This challenge was all for me, I wanted to see if I could get the changes I wanted to see. When I told me family, I was so excited about it; but they weren’t as supportive as I thought they would be. I was being asked, “well, why? You don’t need to loose weight”, “are you going to be a bodybuilder now?” I found myself explaining to them I wanted to make this lifestyle change for me, I felt the need to explain it to them. Soon I realized, I wanted this, I wanted this change and I don’t need to defend myself. I am the one who is accountable for my own health, my own fitness, and making the changes. I do not need anyone else’s approval in order to make me happy.

My life has been changed: This Transformation Challenge has sincerely changed my life. The skills that Erika has taught me will be with me always. How could I go back to eating how I was before when I always felt so horrible? Why would I want to throw away all my hard work from these past 12 weeks when I feel so amazing, so confident and STRONG! This is just the beginning for me, this wasn’t a diet, this wasn’t a 12 week Transformation Challenge… this was a life changing experience.

I want to thank Erika and Neil for providing support; being amazing role models and helping me make these changes I have been striving for! I still can’t believe the changes that I have achieved!”