Image“That point in time when you feel at a stand-still. I had tried water detoxes, Visalus, every cleanse possible, “grapefruit diet”, “nothing but cigarettes and coffee diet”, etc. Not only was I not in control, but I had lost my “always improving” and determined force I always had. Granted, I had a young baby and many life changes in the past year. I needed a positive change and was ready for the investment. Working full-time, running a household, and being single with a one year old comes with enough challenges such as: lack of time, arranging babysitters, affordability, and judgements. Judgements as to whether you doing this is selfish, or by getting healthy you are being a great role model. But I still went ahead and contacted Neil and told myself “I will do this.”

The Trench family is so warm, welcoming, and encouraging. Not only was it a “healthy eating” lifestyle change, but it was a lifestyle as a whole that changed as well. Sometimes it was/is hard not seeing the scale move, but when you look at the bigger picture and see that you went from a size 8 to 4, and you feel amazing – that is a great feeling. It has been an amazing experience and I wont be able to go back to the way I lived before. I cant say a big enough “thank you” for all their help and support. My journey with Trench isn’t over yet.”