“I started my journey with Trench Fitness in October of 2013. I have to admit, I was an avid “creeper” of their Instagram and website for quite a while before I decided to join. I couldn’t believe all the amazing transformations I was seeing – I was completely blown away! I started thinking… maybe, just maybe, that could me.

In the year prior, I had completely given up on myself in terms of exercise and nutrition. I made excuse after excuse. I was way too busy to workout. Too busy to eat healthy. Too busy to work on myself. The pounds began to pile on and in what seemed like a flash I was the heaviest I had ever been, and probably the most unhealthy. This was not cool with me at all. I knew I needed to make a change in my life, and that it had to be a big one.

I started with the group training classes in October, and was immediately hooked. The atmosphere in the group classes at Trench is unbelievable. I felt motivated, supported, and most importantly couldn’t believe how much I was learning about strength training. Being someone who has always enjoyed a class atmosphere, I have done tons of different cardio classes and circuit training and I can honestly say nothing compares to their group training classes. I found myself actually excited to go every Tuesday and Thursday (okay maybe a bit less excited for leg day….), and they became the highlight of my week. It wasn’t a punishment going to class, it was a reward!


At the beginning of November, I started my first 12 week nutrition plan with Neil. This was the TSN turning point for me. I remember meeting with Neil the first night and leaving feeling completely overwhelmed, but also so excited. The first few weeks were a huge adjustment for me, it wasn’t easy. I had to eat way more food than I was used to at the beginning, and start really changing my lifestyle. With Neil’s support, guidance, and a bit of tough love, the process of change slowly began.

Fast forward to the end of my first 12 weeks and I had seen a 20 lb loss, and confidence boost. I was ready for more!
I began another 12 week program with Neil – this time with a focus on building my strength. While my weight loss wasn’t as significant in my second 12 weeks, my strength gains were astronomical. In addition to group training, I began working with Denis LaBreche one on one in the gym, and after a few sessions with him, I began working out on my own at the gym – something I was previously pretty shy about. Also inspired by Erika, I have become quite the creator in the kitchen – protein muffins, cheesecake, waffles, pancakes – I love baking!!!!

Yes I am busy, and yes I have been busy throughout this entire journey. It took me a long time to realize that it’s not an excuse. As a highschool volleyball and basketball coach, my evenings and weekends have been jam packed with practices, games and tournaments. I stopped making this an excuse, and made group training and my nutrition a priority in my schedule. There is no ideal time to start. You can always start next week, next month, next year. When you’re done this, or done that. It doesn’t matter. Time will pass anyways, and you might as well make the most of it. I could be sitting here in May 2014 in the exact same place I was in October 2013, just a bit older. But instead, I am sitting here 29 lbs lighter, 4 jean sizes smaller, rocking muscles I never knew I had, strength training – and loving it – 4 times a week, and more confident and happier than ever. Believe me… this could be you!”