trench transformation kaytlyn1

“I began my journey with Trench Fitness feeling a little nervous and intimidated. I wondered if I could actually take on this huge commitment and be successful, especially over the summer time! I met with Denis and he explained how the program worked, how to measure and track my food, and how I needed to check in weekly with him to review the week. The thought of measuring and tracking everything I ate was so overwhelming and it felt like something I could not sustain. After the first couple days had passed, I realized how simple it actually was. I never realized how critical portion control was in my transformation. I ate fairly well and exercised regularly before I started my 12 week program, however, I had no idea that I was eating much bigger portions than I should have been. Measuring and tracking my food allowed me to see how much I was overeating, even though, it wasn’t necessarily ‘junk’ food. Just tweaking my diet alone I saw results after the very first week. I received constant support from Denis over the weeks. He was always encouraging me and ensuring my hunger and energy levels were satisfactory. I never expected the results I received and I could not be more thrilled! I’m grateful for the knowledge I’ve received so that I can keep heading towards a better and healthier me!”


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