trench-transformation-kendall1“I began my 12 week plan with Trench with the goals of learning how to properly lift weights, create a routine, get into better shape, and to manage my food intake. I can fully say that my goals were not only met, but were exceeded! When I first started I thought that keeping up with the gym and food tracking would be extremely difficult because of my busy schedule and full course load at university. In truth, it really wasn’t. Food prep the night before and going to the gym in between classes actually made my days more organized!

12 weeks ago I had never set foot in a gym. There were 2 reasons:

1. I had no idea what I would do once I got in there
2. I was intimidated

Now I can walk into the gym and do weights and cardio everyday, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. This 12 week program gave me the skills and technique I needed in the gym and raised my self-confidence. It is a great feeling to be able to enter a gym and to know what I am going to be doing and that I am doing it right. In addition to the 12 week plan, me and my sister also did some 2 on 1 training sessions with Tyler from Trench and it was extremely helpful to learn the technique and when to bump up the weight! It was pretty motivating to reach a full body weight squat!


Within the first few weeks I noticed that I had more energy in waking up in the mornings, my skin was healthier, and I just generally felt better about myself because I was taking care of my body.

There are so many other programs, “quick fixes”, or diets out there that involve making you purchase special food from them, or include crazy impossible tricks to lose weight or get into better shape that work fine while you’re in the program, but as soon as your are finished you are unable to leave with the skills needed to continue on with that lifestyle. Neil and Erika’s program is not at all like that! Over these 12 weeks I was able to learn proper weight training that I can now continue with on my own and build off of. This program also includes food tracking of protein, fat, and carbs. I wouldn’t really say that it is a diet, but a lifestyle change and just monitoring what I am putting into my body. I could still eat the foods I wanted to, I just needed to build my meals around each other. It also made me think about what I put into my body, and if that fatty chocolate bar is really worth it! Even though my 12 weeks are up, this is a nutrition plan that I can continue on with because food tracking is now a habit, I like knowing the nutritional value of what I am eating, and the results that I received were incredible I don’t want to backtrack!


For anyone looking to make some improvements to their health, fitness level, or just someone who wants to learn how to lift weights and eat better ,Trench fitness is for you! This was one of the best decisions I have made!”