“This 12 week process has REALLY been a journey (as so many others call it too) but the great thing is that everyone’s journey is different and you learn so much about yourself as you travel on. I started at Trench with not too many expectations. I wanted to lose weight, and learn how to do weight training. That’s basically it. (I don’t even think I accounted for having FUN at the beginning!). I saw some client testimonials on the website and knew that Neil and Erika knew their stuff…. so I trusted and believed that I would have results of some kind. I also signed up to do 2 on 1 sessions with my best friend. We have tried fad diets in the past together but nothing worked for us. I felt less afraid of trying something different and new with Erica by my side as it’s so beneficial to have a “buddy” and go through the ups and downs with someone who understands the change/process. I didn’t doubt that I could do it on my own, but having the “buddy” system made me feel like my support system was there (not that my family wouldn’t be, but they wouldn’t understand to the same level) and that we could do it together! WELL… this process has completely exceeded any expectation I had!!!!

trench-transofrmation-krista2I think first of all….and yes in this order actually!! #1 is that I had FUN!!! (Wow, this was possible with “dieting” and “training”??) Um yep!!! Neil and Taryn made the sessions FUN and I enjoyed the work outs! Also, eating healthy is FUN too! You feel great, and after a while you LOOK great because of it. Who knew! Meal planning and calorie counting can be daunting when you are learning but you have to look at it as a way to be creative and adventurous (like Neil eating a new food every week). Hmm what crazy recipe do I want to try today? Or how can I make a healthy version of that item? Etc. and I have still ate the things I love… Pasta, Cheese, desserts… so how is that not fun??

#2. Results. I knew by committing to the program and being accountable to my trainer, yes I would have results… but the results I have got totally blew me away. Mainly because they came in multiple forms which I did not expect.

#3 My “weight”. Yes this is a big one for everyone, especially women. What I want to say here is that my perception around weight changed IMMENSELY because I had to learn that the scale weight is no longer an indicator for my progress. That was a tough paradigm that took a while to crack. In the past I was so tied to the scale as it meant fat loss and fat gain. In the first couple weeks when the scale was hardly moving, I was very frustrated. I expected to see the scale number as a main result and expected that to change quickly. I talk about patience later on, but letting go of the “scale means everything” mindset really helped me in moving forward! Now I know that I have lost x pounds of fat, but I have gained x pounds of muscle too! I have learned to look at inches and how clothes fit as the true indicator now. I still will keep track of the scale but in a different frame of mind. It no longer means “everything” in regards to results for me. At the end of this 12 weeks I am still down 14 lbs which is amazing!! I am thrilled about that.

trench-transofrmation-krista3#4 Muscles!! Again another thing I had little expectation about. I knew I would get stronger but didn’t actually know what that meant. It has meant multiple things first to how my body looks; leaner, and having muscle definition. Woo hoo! I am thrilled with how that looks. Also, physically stronger. Things I struggled with before are no longer as difficult because my body is overall stronger (water skiing, playing sports, lifting furniture, my posture – that one very important as I sit at a desk most of the day for work, etc. !) It is great to feel strong and definitely plays into confidence as well. So happy with this.

#5 Mental. Neil and I have talked about this about half way through this 12 weeks. I noticed it a little on my own but about midway my husband commented to me that my ATTITUDE had improved. Wow, all this can change your attitude too? YES. And it certainly changed mine immensely for the better!! I got married last summer and after gained weight and got into a bit of a mental, emotional and physical slump. I needed something to kick start getting out of that slump. This was it for me. Committing to a program, being invested in it, and enjoying it has taught me so much about goal setting, following through, and being proud of yourself. Also the overwhelming support from Team Trench really contributed to that. When you are supported by like minded people, you are loving your body, and you are loving the activities you are involved with (training, etc.) you translate that positive energy into other areas of your life. I am definitely much more positive and driven in other areas of my life like work and relationships which is invaluable for me. This was certainly an unexpected byproduct of this process but probably one of the most important for me.

trench-transofrmation-krista4#6 Maybe this is also a result…. but the last thing I want to mention is LIFESTYLE. As Erika talks about in her blogs I now actually LOVE my body (shocking!!) and I am committed to continually improving (in small or whatever ways possible). I have adopted a new LIFESTYLE of eating healthy and making time for training and getting excited about the training. Part of this was learning something new that I enjoy and want to continue doing. Weight training was COMPLETELY new to me. I have done cardio (running training) in the past and hated it. I knew I needed to try something different to be successful. It took a while to get to this point (yes in the beginning calorie counting, meal planning, learning how to do weights, etc. was challenging and not that it still isn’t at points) but many of these things are routine or second nature now. They have just become part of what I do!

Thank you for showing me that when you commit to something, fantastic things DO happen! Thank you for the amazing support!! I really cannot say enough here. The blogs, videos, website, facebook group., emails…. are all more amazing than words can say. Trench really feels like a family and there are so many people who have different goals (competition, general fitness level, etc.) but EVERYONE rallies together and wants you to succeed. That is an incredible thing, so thanks for giving me the tools Trench Family to improve myself and lifestyle!!

Thank you for teaching me to be PATIENT!!! This was the key to the entire process. It took me quite a while to get it. I was focused on, as I mentioned before, the scale being my indicator and quick results. Then I started watching Neil’s videos and reading more testimonials and blogs. I had to keep saying to myself “this is a PROCESS!!!”. And yes, it really is. Now I have proof that the process does work. Believe in it!! It won’t let you down.

Lastly, I learned where to FOCUS. Don’t be consumed by calorie counting and training days… these things have to be a part of the lifestyle.  You don’t need to give up social events or certain things to be successful. Yes maybe you have to tweak them a little bit, which as I have learned – gets easier with each instance, but keep in check as to what’s important in life. For me, family and friends. Feeling great about my body and health is there too but I need all of those things to be happy.”