image 2I always considered myself to be a fairly active person.  I went to exercise classes, ran the odd half marathon and even participated in a few triathlons however despite how active I thought I was my weight continued to climb.  Not only that but I found it increasingly difficult to participate in these activities with the final reality check coming when I ran my slowest half marathon ever in Vancouver in May.  I knew I needed a change and found it with Trench.

I have been working on a nutrition and training plan with Kalan Whiting over the past 6 months and participating in the group classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Both experiences have been absolutely stellar.




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The group class is so much fun and everyone is so welcoming – definitely one of the most supportive environments I have ever participated in.  Joe is over the top fun, Erika and Neil have been so supportive and complimentary and taught me so much about proper weight lifting form – I truly look forward to each and every class – even leg day.

The first night I met with Kal, I will admit that I was pretty intimidated talking about my weight loss and fitness goals with a body builder whose nickname is “Shredder”.  I remember when I said that my goal was to lose 30 pounds and he looked right in my face and said – that is totally doable – what?  I left that evening with a pretty good headache wondering how in the world I was going to make this all work.  The first few weeks were definitely challenging but with the help of Kal – I slowly started figuring it out. Kal used just the right balance of encouragement while holding me accountable to meet my numbers consistently – no excuses.  His depth of knowledge, patience, suggestions and encouragement seemed to know no limit and he is definitely wise beyond his young years. He even got my kooky sense of humour which made things that much easier and more fun.

Yes, there were rough spots and not everything went perfectly but with Kal and the rest of the Trench team helping and cheering you on – failure just wasn’t an option.

Over the past 6 months, I have dropped 3 pant sizes, lost over 35 pounds, I can bust out full on man push ups (and not just one or two) and have learned to work pretty hard in gym but as Neil has said harder in the kitchen which truly makes all the difference.  I feel good and look better then I thought I could at 50 which I celebrated just a few weeks ago.

Thank Team Trench!

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