25lbs Lost Over 12 Weeks!

“Trench Fitness, to sum it up, is amazing. I say that because it is not some short term “solution” to weight loss, as many other programs are. This is a program that you get addicted to, as each week you feel better and better, mentally, physically, just completely better in every way. It is also a program that educates you on everything you need to know so that you can continue reaching your goals and meeting new goals after your time with Trench is over.

The program I did was the twelve week nutrition and exercise program, and after one week I was addicted. With each week a few changes were made to my nutrition program and with the personalized exercise program created for me, I was nothing but happy every week with the constant changes I saw and felt within myself. This is truly a great program, and it is a program that teaches you things you will know for the rest of your life that will continuously help you make healthy decisions for yourself and ultimately guide you through a healthy life style.


Neil also has a great perspective on life and that definitely rubs off on his clients. He is absolutely positive and you can always contact him with any questions/concerns throughout the whole program and assure yourself you will be getting an educated answer that will help guide you through this program as well.

My body has dramatically changed in these twelve weeks, and more importantly my mind has changed. I make healthier decisions now all thanks to everything I learned in the twelve weeks I worked with Trench. I have reached my goals as well as gained confidence to set new goals that I now, with the knowledge I have gained from this program, have faith that I can reach on my own.

Trench is an amazing experience and if you follow your program you will reach your goals indefinitely and you will always continue to strive for more. This program really does bring out the best in you. The program shows you everything you need to know in order to meet your goals, and your hard work, dedication and consistency, along with Neil’s endless support will get you to those goals. I highly recommend Trench fitness and will definitely be doing another program with Neil in the near future!!”