Starting Weight 190lbs
Starting Waist 30”
Starting Hips N/A

Final Weight 174.4lbs
Final Waist 28″
Final Hips N/A

Total Weight Loss 15.6 lbs
Total Loss off Waist 2″
Total Loss off Hips N/A







Having gone through my teenage years and high school as a heavier set kid, enduring years of criticism along the way, I naturally developed poor self esteem when it came to my body image. Becoming my own worst critic.

Once I graduated and started towards adulthood I made the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle. With that came eating what I thought were healthier foods, lifting weights several times a week, doing endless amounts of cardio and joining boot camp style classes. I also tried every nutrition fad available as well as fat burners/diet supplements.

While I initially saw positive results from everything listed above, I naturally hit a wall. I was never able to push through and obtain the results I wanted, deserved and was willing to do anything for. That’s when I came across Trench Fitness.

I decided to try the 12 week nutrition/training program offered through the gym, which in turn led me to attempting the body transformation challenge. Needless to say, I saw amazing results. Much like the hundreds of other clients that have been through Trench. Honestly, I saw better results in my first three months at Trench than the past five years of doing things on my own.

Why? I would say the biggest reasons would be food tracking, proper training, accountability and structure.

I’ve worked with Neil since the get go. I have to say that he’s amazing at what he does. Not only does he practice what he preaches, but he is also incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and strives to make a positive impact with his clients. That also goes for his wife Erika and all the trainers located at Trench. Solid place to train and start your journey towards self improvement!

I feel like Trench has been the missing piece for years! Learning to track food/macros was challenging at first but over time it became second nature. It’s definitely a game changer. Empowering for sure. To see results you have to know what you’re putting in your body, and keep consistent. Guessing just isn’t the answer.

On strength training, I always assumed I knew what I was doing. But in reality I didn’t. I was never actually taught by someone with proper credentials. That is until I met Neil. I’ve learned so much about lifting properly. Proper mechanics, how to track progress, why we lift the way we do, what muscles are being engaged etc. This has naturally led to me becoming stronger, improving my poor posture and making me want to come back all the time to make improvements and see more positive results.

Without a doubt, being held accountable and having structure was a huge thing for me. Yes, you have to keep consistent and put the work in. I’ve never had a problem with that. Having someone motivate me and push me goes a long way. It makes all the difference, and it’s just what Trench offers with their programs.

I am blown away with the results I’ve obtained so far! Hard work does in fact pay off! I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far and in turn have developed a healthier self esteem towards my body image. I have learnt so much in my short time at Trench, and am really looking forward to learning more and continually improving. I have nothing but good things to say about Neil and what he has created. My only regret is not knowing about Trench sooner. Without hesitation, I would recommend Trench Fitness to anyone looking to make a positive change. My experience thus far has been nothing short of amazing, and the results speak for themselves. Lastly, I have to add that Erika consistently posts amazing recipes on social media! They are simplistic, nutritious, great for macro tracking and most importantly delicious! They have helped me enjoy baking and trying new things again.

I am definitely looking forward to the coming months and seeing where I can get myself to. It’s always surreal and humbling when you look back at where you started. Makes the journey that much more rewarding!

Thank you for everything Neil!