trench-tranformation-noah2“I came to Trench Fitness after the high praise it received from family members and I was looking for a program that would allow me to better my personal health and performance on the football field. After meeting with Neil he formulated a plan specific to my goals, body type and calorie requirements.

Within the first 4 weeks of my 24 week program I began to see progress. I looked stronger and was lifting more, although it was a struggle at first to find the right amount of calories my body needed as I burn so many during my day and my activities we eventually did and my weight started to increase as well. At one point I was close to 5000 calories a day hitting 600g carbs, 150g of fat and 225g of protein.

trench-tranformation-noah3Near the end  of my first 12 weeks I participated in the South Sask Football combine where I improved my bench from 11 reps at 135 to 7 reps at 185, and I put up the fastest shuttle run at the whole combine. The program also helped me get invited to the Sask football top 100 camp.

Because I saw such great results in the first 12 weeks I continued my program for another 12. During this 12 weeks I was less busy with track and football therefore I was able to focus more on the program and during this 12 weeks saw the biggest improvement in my body weight and lifting capability. By the end of the program i put on roughly 18 lbs starting at 161lbs and reaching 179 lbs, 1lb off my goal of 180lbs which me and Neil agreed back in February might not be attainable. I would definitely recommend Trench Fitness to anyone that wants to not only lose weight but also for someone who wants to put on good body weight.”