“The last few years I found I was stagnant with my workouts. I know my way around the gym and know the proper form for the exercises I do. That being said sometimes even those people who know how to work-out need some help.

My commitment to the gym is always there. I like going to the gym. It’s never a chore for me. It is actually harder for me to miss a day then to go. What I needed was a new approach……something different.

I wanted to be smarter and more efficient at the gym and also with nutrition to get me closer to where I want to be. The Trench Fitness nutrition and workout program does that. I have always had a fairly clean diet, but at times would let it slide a little too much thinking I could recover quickly but that doesn’t always happen.

With Trench Fitness I learned about macronutrients and getting the proper ratios of protein, carbs and fat each day combined with efficient workouts can totally transform your body in a short amount of time. There is a science to this and it works. As I said earlier I am always committed to the gym, it was the accountability to myself and my trainer (Erika) that made the difference.


Accountability kept me focused and on track. I wanted to make the most of the 12 weeks I signed up for and my trainer would know by my scale numbers and pictures if I was being accountable with my workouts and nutrition.

It is amazing that I am lighter yet stronger then I was before I started my 12 week program. I would recommend Trench Fitness to anyone. They do great work.”